What readers have to say about The Green Man:

“The Green Man grabbed me from the first chapter and I enjoyed the inside view that the author provides of such an interesting career. His stories put you right in the middle of the action – the heartbreak and the good times too. I’ve already mentioned the book to my friends and they’re enjoying it as well. Thanks, Ron!”

~ Elizabeth G.


“Ron Gillatt is a natural-born storyteller and he has incredible life experiences to share. I really enjoyed reading his book, The Green Man, because I learned a lot about what it’s like to be a first-responder, a job where you never know what to expect! There were some very sad parts of course, but I also liked the lighter stories too. The dialogue is gritty and funny in equal measure. Overall, it’s a wonderful read.”

~ Berniece C.


"Reading the Green Man is like taking a trip into the daily life of a paramedic, not as an observer, but as a participant. You are actually there, on the scene, dealing with whatever confronts the paramedic team. It clearly shows how the shock and horror these lifesavers face is just brushed off as they race to the next call. Gripping, powerful and a journey into a reality you do not want to miss."

~ Irene O.


“The Green Man could serve as the basis of a script for a film that provides insight into the challenges paramedics confront as they provide their vital services to the community. It’s a fast-paced account that captures the dialogue between members of an ambulance team as they respond to emergency situations that actually happened during the author’s 30-year career.”

~ Tom C.


“What a brilliant book! I was mesmerized reading it. I felt like I was there at the scenes they attended; I could hear, see and smell what was going on. What a descriptive writer! Thank you for this book. I now understand why emergency workers suffer PTSD.”

~ Iris T.

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